DML News Morning Briefing ~ July 20

Secret Service text, China threatens US, Trump scores a win, and more…..

By  Anneta Griffee

Today is July 20. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room.

1 – Secret Service turned over just one text message to January 6 panel, sources say
The Guardian reports: The Secret Service turned over just one text message to the House January 6 committee on Tuesday, in response to a subpoena compelling the production of all communications from the day before and the day of the US Capitol attack, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

The Secret Service told the panel the single text was the only message responsive to the subpoena, the sources said, and while the agency vowed to conduct a forensic search for any other text or phone records, it indicated such messages were likely to prove irrecoverable.

House investigators also learned that the texts were seemingly lost as part of an agency-wide reset of phones on 27 January 2021, the sources said – 11 days after Congress first requested the communications and two days after agents were reminded to back up their phones.

The disclosures were worse than the committee had anticipated, the sources said. The panel had hoped to receive more than a single text and was dismayed to learn that the messages were lost even after they had been requested for congressional investigations.


MY TAKE: There’s something about this that just feels…. EPIC. One little bitty text!

2 – China warns US of ‘forceful measures’ if Nancy Pelosi visits Taiwan
CNN reports – China warned Tuesday it would take “resolute and forceful measures” if US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi visits Taiwan, in what would be the highest-level delegation from the United States to the self-governing island in 25 years.

Pelosi, who is second in line of succession to the US presidency, has reportedly outlined plans to take a delegation to Taipei in August, according to the Financial Times, citing people familiar with the matter. Pelosi’s office declined to comment on her travel plans.

August 1 is the anniversary of the founding of China’s People’s Liberation Army.
On Tuesday, China’s Foreign Ministry lashed out at the potential visit, saying it would “have a severe negative impact on the political foundation of China-US relations, and send a gravely wrong signal to ‘Taiwan independence’ separatist forces.”

“If the US insists on going down the wrong path, China will definitely take resolute and forceful measures to firmly defend its national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian told a news conference. “The United States must be fully responsible for all the consequences caused by this.”

MY TAKE: Pelosi going to Taiwan is a joke, but on the other hand, China has absolutely NO BUSINESS telling United States officials where they can and cannot travel. However, China know the US has a WEAKLING at the helm, and this is the result.  Anyone who voted for Joe Biden, this is on you!

3 – Trump Smokes Larry Hogan in His Backyard – Former President’s Pick Dan Cox Wins Blowout Primary Against Maryland Governor’s Choice
Breitbart reports: Maryland Delegate Dan Cox (R-04), who secured former President Donald J. Trump’s highly valuable endorsement, defeated Trump critic Gov. Larry Hogan’s (R-MD) choice as his successor, Kelly Schulz, in Maryland’s Republican gubernatorial primary.

Cox was the only candidate with Trump’s backing in a contest Tuesday night and handily beat out Schulz, who served as secretary of labor, licensing, and regulation and secretary of commerce during different points of Hogan’s administration. Trump endorsed Cox in November, and the race became a microcosm of something much larger happening in the GOP as the America First movement and Republican establishment battle for the soul of the party. With 68 percent reporting at 11:20 p.m., Cox had garnered 56 percent of the vote, trouncing Schulz, who took home 40 percent, the Associated Press election results shared by the New York Times show. The victory signals that conservatives in Maryland are more aligned with Trump than the departing governor.

“Wow! Trump Endorsed Dan Cox is doing really well tonight in seeking the Republican Gubernatorial Nomination in the Great State of Maryland,” Trump wrote in a Truth Social Post before NBC News called the race. “Not over yet, but RINO Larry Hogan’s Endorsement doesn’t seem to be working out so well for his heavily favored candidate. Next, I’d love to see Larry run for President!”

“Congratulations to Dan Cox. NBC Fake News just called the race, but in this case the reporting wasn’t Fake (for a change!),” he wrote in a subsequent post.

MY TAKE: Boom!  Now, will Maryland voters elect him in November?  Will this be another Virginia?

4 – Tragedy rocks Chicago PD as understaffed department cancel days off
Fox News reports: The Chicago Police Department has lost two officers and a sergeant to suicide in the past months, authorities revealed Monday – amid what critics say is a harsh environment for police officers and as brass continues to cancel days off.

“Each of their losses is a tragedy that impacts a family, a department and the city of Chicago,” Superintendent David Brown said at a news briefing.

“When somebody is forced to live on fast food and caffeine, while living in that constant state of what we call hyper-vigilance, for 12, 13, 14 hours a day, that takes its toll,” Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith, the spokesperson for the National Police Association, told Fox News Digital. “You look at those last three officers who committed suicide, these were not veteran officers, these were fairly young people — and that’s horrific.”

She said Chicago is struggling with 60% more police officer suicides than the average law enforcement agency as morale sags across the country.

“You have a mayor that has great disdain for her police department,” Brantner Smith said. “You have a superintendent who is a nice man, but he’s under the thumb of [Mayor] Lori Lightfoot. You have officers that are exhausted. The canceling of days off and the forced 12-hour shifts, that’s exhausting.”

MY TAKE: Absolutely horrible. Democrat policies and anti-police rhetoric are costing lives, in more way than one!

5 – Voters are moving on from the pandemic, and that’s bad news for Biden
The Washington Examiner reports: New polling shows that voters are largely moving on from the COVID-19 pandemic despite the presence of new variants and rising hospitalizations — and that could spell bad news for President Joe Biden .

Just 1% of respondents in a Monmouth University poll identified the coronavirus as the most important problem facing their family today, showing much more concern for inflation (33%) and gas prices (15%) as the virus begins to fade from the collective conscience.

“Economic concerns tend to rise to the top of the list of family concerns, as you might expect, but the singular impact of inflation is really hitting home right now,” said Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute, in a statement. “And most Americans are blaming Washington for their current pain.”

While the fact that the public is now looking beyond the virus can be seen as a positive overall, in a political sense, it is a negative for Biden because his handling of the virus is the only major issue on which his approval rating outstrips his overall disapproval numbers.

MY TAKE: Americans are done with this ridiculous nonsense!!