DML Morning Briefing Thurs Apr 7

Vote on SCOTUS nominee, illegal alien crime, BLM cash, and more…

By  Team DML

Today is April 7 and I am Dennis Michael Lynch. Below are my opinions on the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room, in my opinion.

1 – Schumer reveals timeline for final vote on Ketanji Brown Jackson Supreme Court confirmation
Fox News reports: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., revealed the timeline for the Senate confirmation of President Biden’s Supreme Court nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson.

The confirmation vote will take place around 1:45 p.m. eastern Thursday, Schumer said Wednesday night. The procedural vote to end debate on the nomination will take place at 11 a.m. eastern.

Senate rules often require a 60-vote threshold to avoid a filibuster, but in Nov. 2013, the Democratic-majority Senate voted to change the rules to approve judges – except for Supreme Court justices – with a mere majority vote. In April 2017, the Republican-majority Senate changed the rules again, allowing the approval of Supreme Court justices by majority vote, securing the confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch.

The Senate is expected to confirm Jackson’s nomination by as many as 53 yeas. Sens. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Mitt Romney, R-Utah, announced that they will vote yes.

DML: The three Republicans who say they are voting for this nominee are betraying America. Our judicial system should NEVER be based on race! Schumer, this is NOT a “joyous day for America.”

2 – Sharpton, MLK III ask Biden to urge diverse judicial nominations in Delaware
The Hill reports: Rev. Al Sharpton and Martin Luther King III are imploring President Biden to press the Democratic governor in his home state of Delaware to appoint more Black judges to the state bench.

In particular, the two civil rights activists want to see Delaware Gov. John Carney (D) nominate a Black person to fill a forthcoming vacancy on Delaware’s Chancery Court, which resolves business disputes, and they are asking Biden to use his influence in the state to make that happen in a letter to the president, a copy of which was obtained exclusively by The Hill.

“While we are devoted to ensuring the success of your nominations to the federal judiciary, we ask that you use your influence as President of the United States to urge diverse judicial nominations at the state level, beginning in your home state of Delaware,” the pair writes in the letter to Biden, which is also signed by Blaine Hackett, a pastor in Newark, Del. They are expected to formally send the letter Wednesday.

The group writes that Carney’s recent judicial appointments have “failed to live up to democratic ideals of equal representation,” citing analysis showing under 15 percent of justices on the state’s highest courts are Black.

“This has led to an ineffective and unrepresentative judiciary that cannot adequately address the concerns of marginalized groups,” they write.

DML: Well, here it goes – they’re going to push to appoint judges all over the country, based on their race.  INSANITY.

3 – View’ co-host has goal in mind for migrants once conditions improve
Fox News reports: The hosts of ABC’s “The View” debated border policy during Wednesday’s episode as Senate Republicans pushed to include an amendment that would reinstate Title 42 in the $10 billion COVID-19 relief bill.

Sara Haines sparred with Sunny Hostin over the influx of immigrants at the U.S. southern border and whether the U.S. was able to handle the expected increase in immigration. Hostin argued that there were laws in place that anyone entering the country has a “legal right” to “ask for asylum.”

“When Vice President Harris went down there she said these states were not equipped and we saw an influx, and they couldn’t house them. They were carrying food across the lakes,” Haines said, noting that she loves the “spirit of it” and that we should “bring them all in.”


DML: “Bring them all in?”  Democrats are FOOLS.

4 – Illegal Alien Charged with Killing Elderly Man, Injuring Three Others in Florida
Breitbart reports: An illegal alien has been charged with killing a 72-year-old man and injuring three others in a drunk driving crash in Walton County, Florida, Breitbart News has exclusively learned.

Jose Virgilio Carcamo Elvir, a 42-year-old illegal alien, was charged with one count of DUI manslaughter, three counts of DUI causing serious bodily injury, driving with an expired license, and driving with open alcohol containers.

The Walton County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that Elvir is an illegal alien living in the United States and that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency has placed a detainer on him so that, if he is released, they will take over custody.

According to a report issued by Florida Highway Patrol, exclusively obtained by Breitbart News, Elvir was driving drunk in Walton County on April 3 when he crashed into the back of another vehicle and caused an eight-vehicle crash as a result.

Perry Adrian Cole, a 72-year-old resident of Palmetto Bay, Florida, was involved in the crash and rushed to Sacred Heart Medical Center in Santa Rosa, Florida, where he was later pronounced dead as a result of his injuries.


DML: This is just one example of what happens when we “bring them all in.” And it’s only going to get worse!

5 – $2.7M overpay BLM’s LA mansion sold for 250 times the price of similar homes in the area
The New York Post reports: The $6 million Los Angeles mansion purchased by the country’s top Black Lives Matter group sold for 250 percent more than the price of similar properties in its Studio City neighborhood, and went for $2.7 million more than property records show.

Records state that the property initially sold for $3.1 million in October 2020, but by the time it was transferred to a shell company controlled by Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation days later, the price had increased to $5.8 million.

It’s unclear what caused the discrepancy. A spokesman for BLMGNF could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

BLMGNF bought the sprawling property, which features a separate sound stage, pool and guest house, in the fall of 2020 to be used as a creative “campus” and safe house for the group, according to a report in New York magazine on Monday.

BLMGNF paid in cash for the mansion, which is divided into two parcels.


DML: Anyone else smell something fishy here?