DML Morning Briefing Mon. Apr. 25

By  Team DML

Today is April 25 and I am Dennis Michael Lynch. Below are my opinions on the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room, in my opinion.

1 – Biden picks his US Ambassador to Ukraine: President nominates Bridget Brink to fill post empty since Trump removed Marie Yovanovitch in 2019
The Daily Mail reports: Joe Biden on Monday named his nominee to fill the vacant post for Ukraine ambassador as the country hit the two-month mark of Russia’s invasion and the embassy remains closed in Kyiv.

U.S. Ambassador to Slovakia Bridget Brink will serve in a role left vacant in Ukraine for more than two years after former President Donald Trump removed Marie Yovanovitch in 2019.

Brink was appointed to her current position by Trump in 2019 and held previous assignments in Serbia, Cyprus, Georgia and Uzbekistan and with the White House National Security Council.

To become the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Brink will need another Senate confirmation.


DML: At this point, this just feels like a token gesture. it won’t do anything to stop the attacks on Ukraine.

2 – GOP set to deliver a grilling to Mayorkas on border

The Hill reports: House Republicans are set to grill Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas this week when he testifies before the House Judiciary Committee for the first time on Thursday.

The hearing takes place amid a firestorm over the administration’s decision to lift a pandemic measure that blocked asylum seekers from entering the country, and Republicans have made it clear then intend to make immigration and border security pillars of their midterm campaign.

On Thursday, they hope to get Mayorkas to personally address the thorny immigration issues fueling their midterm campaign messaging.

A 60-page confidential guidance memo from Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), ranking member on the committee, that was leaked to the New York Times suggests that Republicans plan to accuse Mayorkas of encouraging illegal immigration with “far-left policies.”



DML: Well, of course he’s encouraging illegal immigration with “far-left policies.”  That’s why Biden appointed him. It’s their whole plan for the fundamental transformation of America.

3 – MSNBC host suggests DeSantis inflicting ‘child abuse’ by having Black kids at bill signing
Fox News reports: MSNBC host Joy Reid continued her attacks on Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fl., over the weekend, this time because of photo from an event.

On Friday, the “The Reidout” host retweeted a tweet from Florida State Senator Shevrin Jones attacking DeSantis for Black children being photographed during the signing of an anti-critical race theory bill. DeSantis signed the “Stop Woke” bill into law. While Jones referred to it as “indoctrination,” Reid claimed it was “tantamount to child abuse.”

“This mis-use of Black boys is tantamount to child abuse. I would really like to hear the back-story on who these kids were and how they wound up at a DeSantis event. Given how anti-Black DeSantis is, using Black children this way is extra sick,” Reid wrote.





DML: Joy Reid just can’t stand it that many Black people actually DO support DeSantis!

4 – Pro-Palestinian Protesters in U.S. Cities Call for Violent ‘Intifada’ Against Israel
Breitbart reports: As Palestinian violence on the Temple Mount has intensified in recent days, hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters demonstrated in U.S. cities calling for deadly violence and an end to the Jewish state. In one incident, a Jewish counter-protester was allegedly punched in the face for carrying an Israeli flag.

Over the last week, anti-Israel demonstrators in the United States publicly called for an end to the State of Israel as they advocated for a violent uprising against the Jewish state.

At one rally in Los Angeles, protestors were seen waving Palestinian flags, with signs calling to “Free Palestine” and end “ethnic cleansing.”

In a clip of the event, a woman leads the crowd to the chant: “We don’t want two states, we want all of ‘48,” in reference to Israel’s establishment in 1948 and the so-called “two-state solution,” which calls for the creation of a Palestinian state in exchange for peace with the Jewish state.




DML: They are among us, folks.

5 – Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz on why she doxxed ‘Libs of TikTok’
Breitbart reports: During Sunday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” Washington Post tech columnist Taylor Lorenz said one of the reasons she revealed the identity of the so-called “Libs of TikTok” Twitter account poster was because “for all we knew, this could have been a foreign actor.”

Lorenz also said given the “Libs of TikTok” poster’s willingness to conduct interviews with other media outlets, it was “quite important and in the public’s interest” to reveal who she was.

“Well, it wasn’t — I would say it’s equally important describing the power that this account has,” she said. “I think it’s rare to see an account gain so much prominence so quickly and be shaping these narratives in such an effective way, especially against trans people. So, I was — I mean, my story was kind of long, but I really wanted to make the case like why this account mattered. And I think it’s incredibly important, you know, as someone that covers the influencer industry to know who is exerting influence in this way. I mean, for all we knew, this could have been a foreign actor, right, or someone — we just didn’t know.”

“And so, I thought, hey, look, this account has massive power, massive influence. This woman is basically on an entire right-wing media tour. She gives interviews to The New York Post, Tucker, all of that, and registered as a media company, registered a trademark. So, yeah, I wanted to — I thought it was quite important and in the public’s interest to find out who was running it.”


DML: Disgusting that this woman still even has a job.