A Market Update w/ Andy Schectman, 9/26

Market Update w/ Andy Schectman, Founder Miles Franklin ~ September 26th, 2023.

This is Todd Pitner, co-host of Decentralize.TV and founder of DecentralizeDirectory.com

Precious metals expert Andy Schectman, Founder & CEO of MilesFranklin.com, has teamed up with me to present a weekly market update every Thursday at noon ET to discuss world events, finance, decentralization strategies and so much more…and today is our very first show together!

Please subscribe and hit that notification bell. Also, join my newsletter at DecentralizeDirectory.com and explore the site. Lots of amazing decentralization opportunities!

Please subscribe and hit that notification bell. Also, join my newsletter at DecentralizeDirectory.com and explore the site. Lots of amazing decentralization opportunities!

To order precious metals through Miles Franklin and receive a whopping 10% discount off your first order, call their certified brokers at 952-929-7006 and tell them, “Todd sent me!”

They can also be reached at info@milesfranklin.com. Just put “Todd sent me” in your message!


September 26th, 2023 ~ Edition [Duration 59:57]
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