Decentralize.TV ~ Episode 09, 8/08

Decentralize.TV ~ Episode 9 ~ August 8, 2023 – FIRO innovator Reuben Yap on PRIVATE digital money.
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FIRO advocate Reuben Yap joins Decentralize TV to discuss the FIRO project, a private digital currency that’s undergoing a major technology improvement with Lelantus Spark, which will offer a greatly expanded anonymity set (and other benefits) for all transactions. FIRO is an always-private cryptocurrency that cannot be surveilled, tracked or easily confiscated by anyone. Learn more at
August 8th, 2023 ~ Edition [Duration 2:31:23]
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Decentralize TVWelcome to Decentralize.TV, the new show featuring Mike Adams and Todd Pitner, interviewing top experts, pioneers and influencers who promote concepts of “decentralized living,” which means casting off centralized authoritarian control and learning to live sustainably, locally, with peer-to-peer everything: Money, food, education, communications, medicine and more.
Co-Hosted by Todd Pitner
Todd Pitner is 58 years old today because Todd’s birthday is on 10/12/1964. Before moving to Todd’s current city of Tampa, FL, Todd lived in Chesterfield VA. Todd Christopher Pitner and Thomas J Pitner are some of the alias or nicknames that Todd has used. Todd’s ethnicity is Caucasian, whose political affiliation is none; and religious views are listed as Christian.
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