Biowar false flag event.

US bioweapons labs CONFIRMED as deep state sets stage for biowar false flag event to be blamed on Russia. Thursday, March 10, 2022 by: Mike Adams (Natural News) Earlier this week, US Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland publicly confirmed the Read more

Covid “Nu” variant a COVER STORY.

• Covid “Nu” (Omicron) variant a COVER STORY for accelerating wave of vaccine deaths. • Uncensored, Unfiltered, Unedited, & Commercial Free. Your Host: Mike Adams. The Health Ranger Update. Watch Transmission [22:44] Bypass censorship by sharing this link: or Read more

Covid Vaccine Destroys Immune System.

Covid-19 Vaccine Program Director Admits Injection Destroys Immune System. Your Host: Alex Jones. Watch the Podcast [Duration  35:04]  Bypass censorship by sharing this link: or Alex Jones is helping to create a better world. For more updates, visit: Read more