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DML Morning Briefing Fri. Mar. 26: Biden’s disastrous press briefing, and disastrous presidency

By  Team DML

Today is March 26 and I am Dennis Michael Lynch. Below are my opinions on the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room, in my opinion.

1 – Some of Joe Biden’s Most Awkward Moments During Press Conference
Over two months into his presidency, Biden finally held his first press conference on Thursday, and it included several VERY awkward moments.

Biden was asked if he’s decided whether or not he will run for re-election, and he declared that he missed former President Donald Trump.

When questioned by a second reporter about whether he was definitely running for reelection in 2024, Biden began to backpedal.

“I said that’s my expectation,” he declared. “Look, I don’t understand where you guys come from… I’ve never been able to…. I’m a great respecter of fate, I’ve never been able to plan 3 1/2 years ahead for certain….”

Biden suffered a brain freeze when he started to explain why he thought that ending the filibuster is the “best way to get something done…,” but he clearly forgot what he was going to say.

Biden, who is 78 years old, continued on the filibuster debate: “I believe we should go back to a position of a filibuster that existed just when I came to the United States Senate 120 years ago…”

Biden REFUSED to say when he’ll be transparent about the border crisis, and claimed he hasn’t gone to the border because he’d have to take the secret service and would just be in the way.

Biden: “I will commit to transparency as soon as I’m in a position to implement what we’re doing right now.”

Reporter: “How soon will that be?”

Biden: “I don’t know, to be clear.”

DML: Will Biden even make it through his first year? I don’t know, to be clear.

2 – FLASHBACK: Obama defended filibuster in 2005, now calls it ‘Jim Crow relic’
Fox News reports: President Barack Obama, whose comments about the filibuster being an outdated practice reminiscent of the Jim Crow era were echoed by President Biden on Thursday, once gave a speech on the Senate floor in favor of keeping the procedural process.

In 2005, then-senator Obama delivered a speech arguing against ending the filibuster and thereby allowing one party to “change the rules in the middle of the game so that they can make all the decisions while the other party is told to sit down and keep quiet.”

“If the majority chooses to end the filibuster, if they choose to change the rules and put an end to Democratic debate, then the fighting and the bitterness and the gridlock will only get worse,” Obama said.

DML: So, now that Dems are in control, the message is different?

3 – The Biden Administration Is Looking For More Federal Volunteers To Help Overcrowded Border Stations
BuzzFeed News reports: The Biden administration is asking for more federal employees to volunteer their time at the southern border to assist with the increase in unaccompanied immigrant children who have been stuck in overcrowded facilities.

The federal workers would help the Health and Human Services Department efforts to place the unaccompanied children with a family member and out of US custody as officials try to cut down on the overcrowding, according to a job posting being issued on Thursday.

The job posting states that employees who decide to join would “efficiently collect and provide information to ORR to enable the National Call Center to begin contacting parents and family members to expedite children’s discharge to a US family member sponsor.” They would also help DHS and ORR find children who should be a higher priority based on a “vulnerable category or time in CBP custody.” The employees will be sent to emergency intake sites in San Diego, Dallas, San Antonio, and potentially CBP stations.

Employees who take on the role would interview children and collect contact information for their family members in the US and elsewhere. ORR officials are attempting to make the unification process more efficient to clear up more space in shelter facilities.

Earlier this week, HHS officials issued new “expedited release” guidance that cuts down on the often convoluted process of releasing children to their parents or guardians if there are no immediate red flags and the child is not especially vulnerable, according to the document.

Meanwhile, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) has gone to the border, and posted this video just around 1 a.m. Friday morning. Cruz said, “We encountered human traffickers & cartel members tonight, yelling at us across the Rio Grande and preparing to cross.”

DML: Biden has created a complete disaster, and it only took him two months to do it.

4 – Rhode Island lawmaker argues dress code is ‘oppressive,’ calls state Senate a ‘White western space’
Fox News reports: The Rhode Island Senate on Tuesday passed attire guidelines that sparked an uproar for allegedly imposing standards that were biased toward White people.

On March 15, the Rhode Island Senate rules committee was debating a provision that would mandate legislators maintain decorum by dressing in certain ways.

Sen. Jonathon Acosta, D-District 16, argued that legislators’ varying backgrounds were affected by an “ethno-racial-class nexus” and informed what they considered to be appropriate dress.

The section under debate reads: “The president of the senate shall preserve decorum and order in the senate chamber. While in the senate chamber, members and staff shall be required to dress in proper and appropriate attire, such as blouses, dress slacks and collared shirts with accompanying jacket.”

Acosta argued that it was “super inappropriate” for the White, male Senate president to “bestow a normative judgment” on what people can wear in the chamber.

When a series of senators defended the rule, Acosta suggested race and class undergirded the words they used. “Folks use expressions like professional … presentable, appropriate … what they mean is white-collar, White western dress.”

He added that he wanted to make sure his colleagues acknowledge that the Senate was a “white-collar, White western space.”

DML: Last I checked, this is still the United States of America… right?

5 – Sesame Street introduces two Black Muppets to teach Elmo skin color is ‘an important part of who we are’
Fox News reports: Sesame Street introduced two Black Muppets this week as part of its initiative to teach children “The ABC’s of Racial Literacy.”

According to the “Sesame Street in Communities” website, “racial literacy” is defined as “the knowledge, skills, and awareness needed to talk thoughtfully about race and racism; this naturally includes having a rich vocabulary including terms such as race, racism, prejudice, ally, upstander, and so on.”

In addition, the site says, racial literacy means having “the ability to identify racism when it happens,” “having strategies to counter or cope with racism,” and “understanding the role racism plays in society.”

“You hold great power to help children better understand this complicated, flawed, often unfair world. Your words matter, and talking honestly and directly about race and diversity is the beginning of racial literacy,” Sesame Street in Communities urges parents and guardians. “Even if children don’t understand the nuances of the words, being open to learning new words and understanding ideas from others’ perspectives is always helpful.”

DML: The focus on race… it’s literally everywhere.