DML Morning Briefing June 10

By  Dennis Michael Lynch

Today is June 10. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room.

1.Capitol riot panel blames Trump for 1/6 ‘attempted coup’
WASHINGTON (AP) — The House panel investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol laid the blame firmly on Donald Trump Thursday night, saying the assault was hardly spontaneous but an “attempted coup” and a direct result of the defeated president’s effort to overturn the 2020 election.

With a never-before-seen 12-minute video of extremist groups leading the deadly siege and startling testimony from Trump’s most inner circle, the 1/6 committee provided gripping detail in contending that Trump’s repeated lies about election fraud and his public effort to stop Joe Biden’s victory led to the attack and imperiled American democracy.



DML: There’s too much to say. So please pardon me if you don’t listen to my podcast  because I am saving all of my commentary for the show later today.  The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast for Friday will be 100% dedicated to the one-way story circus act that played on TV last night. The video of Sen. Cruise (above) grilling the FBI should be part of these hearings, but it won’t be.  That should speak volumes to you.

2.Biden administration overrules Trump policy on Palestinians
Fox News – The Biden administration announced a dramatic yet partial reversal of Donald Trump’s closure of the consulate to the Palestinians in Jerusalem by opening a “U.S. Office of Palestinian Affairs” in the city.

Biden’s move is viewed by some as rewarding the Palestinian leadership after a wave of terrorism during which two Palestinians wielding an ax and knife murdered three Israelis in the town of Elad in May.

The previous month, Raad Hazem, a 28-year-old Palestinian gunman from Jenin, killed three people and wounded six others in a crowded bar in Tel Aviv.

DML: Leave it to the Biden clan to beat down on Israel and embolden terrorists.  It’s as if his team is obsessed with overturning everything Trump.  It’s another reason why the left will be swept out of Congress on Election Day.

3.Biden to sign declaration aimed at addressing migrant flows
The Hill – President Biden on Friday will sign a declaration on migration alongside other leaders from the Western Hemisphere laying out a framework officials said will aim to manage flows of migrants and refugees in the region.

The Los Angeles Declaration, to be signed at the Summit of the Americas being held this week in the city, will have four main pillars: Ensuring stability, promoting legal pathways of migration, having humane border management and coordinating emergency response efforts.

The declaration will call for expanding temporary worker programs to improve the flow of migrants and address worker shortages in the U.S. and elsewhere, and for expanding other legal channels of migration like refugee resettlement and family reunification.

DML: In other words, we will be taking in more people from the 3rd world. As a result we will continue to dilute the opportunities for Americans by creating more competition in the workforce.  Plus, our schools will continue to suffer as more children who can’t speak English dominate the curriculum.

4.Britney Spears’ ex-husband is arrested for trespassing at pop star’s home ahead of wedding
(CNN) Britney Spears’ ex-husband was arrested and charged with trespassing and battery after crashing her wedding Thursday at her California home, police said.

The pop star was set to marry Sam Asghari at her hillside mansion in Thousand Oaks when Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies were called to the residence in response to a trespassing report, according to police.

The trespassing suspect was identified as Jason Alexander, according to Sgt. Cyrus Zadeh with the county sheriff’s office. Alexander was confronted by security when he entered the singer’s property, and an altercation ensued between him and two security officers, Zadeh told CNN. Both security guards were battered in the physical struggle.

Alexander was arrested and charged with misdemeanor trespassing, two misdemeanor counts of battery, and a misdemeanor vandalism charge, Zadeh said. Authorities also learned that Alexander was wanted on a felony theft warrant in Napa County. CNN is working to determine whether Alexander has legal representation.

DML: Losers attract losers.  Par of the course in Hollywierd.

5.WHO releases report on COVID origins that suggests bats were to blame
COVID-19 most likely originated with bats transferring the virus to humans, the World Health Organization has concluded – but they cannot rule out the lab leak theory, because China is not cooperating fully with their researchers.

The panel of experts drafted by the WHO to investigate the origins of the pandemic, and prepare a framework to investigate future outbreaks, on Thursday published its first report.

The 44-page document ‘should be read as a work in progress’, the panel state.

DML: Who gives a rat’s ass about WHO and the two-bit China influenced investigation.  Bottom line is Americans have the answer… boost the immune system and continue living life without masks, lock downs, or voodoo medicines.