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BLACKOUTS COMING – US Energy Commissioner warns of “system-wide, extensive power outages” ahead.
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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0:00 Intro
1:35 Crypto Currency News
11:56 Violence
29:00 ATF
34:50 Rubik’s Cube
44:40 Extensive Power Outages
59:55 Interview with Tau Braun
– Bitcoin congestion making it SLOW, expensive and non-scalable.
– “Activation Day” for foreign national militant migrants coming soon.
– They will be ordered to destroy the domestic infrastructure and kill Americans.
– Small taste of violence spilling onto the streets witnessed this weekend in Texas.
– How Rubik’s Cube skills can translate into AR-15 trigger proficiency.
– US FERC Commissioner Mark Christie warns the entire US power grid is about to crater.
– “System-wide, extensive power outages” are now a certainty.
– Fossil fuel systems being deliberately taken off line much faster than they are being replaced.
– Dems keep pushing electric cars, stoves and hot water heaters, INCREASING demand on the grid.
– When the grid goes down, total chaos ensues, ALL BY DESIGN.
– The USA will be brought to its knees as the CCP attacks and narco drug cartels invade.
– Interview with Dr. Tau Braun.
The May 8th Podcast [Duration 2:16:56]
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