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0:00 Intro
3:30 AI Takeover
7:02 RSV Vaccines
8:43 Banking Collapse
12:33 Woke Army
21:26 Positive News
23:19 Finance
31:18 Interview with Dr. Elaine Ingham
1:32:44 Stop Smoking Fags
1:42:21 Interview with Warrior Mom
– JP Morgan, now sucking up all the smaller banks, routinely deplatforms Christians and conservatives.
– US Navy goes full “Bud Light” with new drag queen recruitment ambassador.
– China and Russia must be terrified of the Pentagon’s queer troops and battery-powered tanks.
– FBI and DoD run nuclear strike drills in Houston, Texas.
– RSV vaccine approved for 60 years and older, how convenient to kill off the elderly.
– Fed raises interest rates by 25 basis points.
– Fed literally plans to collapse the US economy and bring down inflation through POVERTY.
– Emergency bank collapse update as 3 banks plunge in after-hours trading.
– Interview with Dr. Elaine Ingham, soil food web expert, about REGENERATIVE farming.
– NY Gov. Hochul BANS gas appliances in all new buildings.
– When the NY power grid fails, you have ZERO options for cooking food or boiling water.
– Hochul also trying to ban ALL tobacco products while keeping weed legal.
– Interview with Warrior Mom, who helped her autistic son navigate life with vaccine damage.
The May 4th Podcast [Duration 2:27:43]
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