Brighteon Broadcast News, Apr 25th.

100% Real News
Tucker Carlson, RFK Jr. and the desperate effort to SILENCE all who speak TRUTH.
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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0:00 Censorship
18:41 Food Supply
26:15 Interview with Theo Farmer
1:26:04 Andry Hale manifesto
– Fox dumps Tucker and betrays its own audience.
– Fox is globalist media and took part in RIGGING the 2020 election.
– Alt media platforms are now the ONLY remaining place to find truth and courage.
– RFK, Jr. being SILENCED by the Democrats who cancelled all debates.
– They silence RFK, Jr. just like they silence conservatives and Christians.
– Cattle group forming “task force” to decide on mRNA vaccines for beef.
– Interview with Theo Farmer and Kira Wadman from Helios Farms.
– Food decentralization and self-reliance is the key to community and survival.
– Special report on Audrey Hale and the transgender mass murder manifesto.
– Most likely the manifesto is being kept secret to hide Big Pharma’s role in creating hormone-induced MONSTERS.
The April 25th Podcast [Duration 1:53:28]
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