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I want to see RFK, Jr. and Donald J. Trump both win their party nominations.
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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0:00 RFK, Jr. and Donald J. Trump
6:31 TikTok Censorship
10:40 Breaking News
11:20 Alec Baldwin
18:19 Interview with Kevin Fretz
– Why RFK Jr. and Donald Trump are both the best candidates for their respective parties.
– How America WINS merely from these two men being part of the debates.
– Will America MAKE IT to Election Day without something big breaking?
– Why Alec Baldwin shouldn’t be prosecuted for manslaughter, even if he’s a horrible person.
– Cross-dressing Biden admin luggage thief wierdo ordered to undergo mental health evaluation.
– TikTok censors anyone disagreeing with CLIMATE CULT lunatics.
– This is part of China’s WAR against America, to force USA to shut down energy infrastructure.
– Interview with Patriot Green Products, an update on GROWING FOOD at home.
– Special report: Givers vs. Takers – which philosophy do you choose?
The April 21th Podcast [Duration 55:46]
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