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Washington State fascists BAN the Second Amendment while building detention camps.
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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0:00 Intro
13:26 Second Amendment BAN
31:35 Bad Ideas from Democrats
– Washington state bans the Second Amendment with AR-15, AK-47 rifle ban.
– One workaround may be the Kali Key bolt-action conversion. (check your local laws)
– They are preparing for mass extermination of humans in quarantine camps.
– The “299 Days” scenario is playing out in real time.
– Seattle was already taken over by left-wing criminals and Gov. Inslee did nothing.
– DOJ selectively prosecutes only conservatives while ignoring VIOLENCE of leftists.
– Homeowners with GOOD credit to be charged MORE for mortgages under Biden scheme.
– Repeat of 2008 sub prime mortgage collapse in the making as BAD RISK homeowners receive subsidies.
– Trump says he deploy military against drug cartels, turning the USA into a military battle zone.
– Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. officially announces run for president – media instantly lies about polls.
– US wages lag behind inflation as living costs continue to spike.
The April 20th Podcast [Duration 1:01:03]
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