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FIAT DATE WITH FATE: The entire financial system will soon be OBSOLETE.
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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35:48 Day of Reckoning
– Fractional reserve banking is incompatible with rapidly shared user knowledge and mobile banking apps.
– Fractional reserve assumes most people don’t know how insolvent the banks really are.
– Hundreds of banks in the USA are already insolvent.
– Why the implosion of the western financial system will create a rush for “off ramps”.
– Those off ramps will include gold, silver and crypto.
– Crypto’s key advantage is rapid transmission to non-local sources, without government intervention.
– Why I am evaluating multiple decentralized technologies for integration into Brighteon.
– The world needs decentralized digital currency options to survive the engineered fiat collapse.
– OTHER content systems will also move in direction of decentralization: Videos, social media, publishing, etc.
– Most of the centrally-hosted server systems we know today will be OBSOLETE in a decade.
– This means we must all innovate and embrace the new terrain of decentralization, which is censorship resistant.
– The globalists are desperate to control everything: Money, speech, food, medicine, news, education, etc.
– Decentralization takes power away from them and puts it into the hands of We the People.
The April 17th Podcast [Duration 52:44]
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