Mike Adams on Alex Jones Show, 6/13/22

Mike Adams full broadcast on the Alex Jones Show, June 13th, 2022, featuring an urgent care doctor, embalmer Richard Hirschman and Dr. Jane Ruby, plus live microscopy of biostructure “clots” that are killing people.

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(Natural News) Here are the three videos (with descriptions) from my hosting of the Alex Jones Show yesterday (Alex is on vacation) at the InfoWars studios, where I brought a high-end lab microscope and performed real-time microscopy of the mysterious clots which have been recovered from the bodies of those who “suddenly died.” I have received a flood of feedback from this broadcast, with each person offering suggestions of what these clots might be. Some people believe these clots are made of non-living tissue or cross-linked proteins which are getting larger in size just due to chemistry and protein morphology. Others believe these are biostructures made of living cells that are living and growing. My current guess is the former. I think it is more likely these clots are non-living than living, but we need to do a lot more tests to be sure. If you want to see the live microscopy, I carry it out about half-way through the first hour (below) and also again during the third hour with Dr. Jane Ruby.

Three episodes from the broadcast

Here’s the first hour of my hosting of the Alex Jones Show yesterday, featuring LIVE microscopy analysis of clots, with Harrison Smith riding shotgun, and also featuring our “mystery doctor” guest warning about an “explosion” of clots in patients at urgent care centers and Emergency Rooms across America: Brighteon.com/2cc9879d-4ffa-4473-a01a-0e42fff370ba

Second hour of my hosting the Alex Jones Show yesterday – featuring embalmer Richard Hirschman and his vials and bags full of clots harvested from those who “died suddenly,” usually after #vaccines were given previously. Shocking visuals, and stunning testimony. He says up to 70% – 80% of the subjects he is embalming show these bizarre clots which are killing people. This seems to indicate a massive wave of PREMATURE DEATHS taking place among the vaccinated… Brighteon.com/76993eb7-db76-4792-bd5a-017aa5c84b9e

Third hour of my hosting the Alex Jones Show yesterday, featuring Dr. Jane Ruby, plus more live microscopy examinations of “nanowires” and biostructures of the bizarre clots that are killing people, usually after they’ve been vaccinated. Dr. Ruby provides new analysis as we attempt to explain what these “clots” really are, how they are growing in the body. Dr. Ruby says they are “self-assembling” structures. Brighteon.com/194ea7f9-73e3-420c-9430-ae12865e87ab

For coverage in the podcast format, here’s Monday’s Situation Update podcast which also reveals these microscopy photos in great detail: Brighteon.com/56a29c98-bf66-423e-9ce2-dc486d7fe019

Much more coming on this subject soon…

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