Idea #04) Be a Online Teacher.

Top 40 On-Line Business Ideas
Who’s hiring: OutschoolK12Prof360

Average hourly pay: $9 to $23

Teachers are often expected to encourage their young charges, offering help to both those who soar at the top or linger at the bottom of the class, guiding them through their formative years.

However, one educator in Florida has been left decidedly unimpressed with a student’s assignment—and was not afraid to say so.

Everyone’s homeschooled now, and teachers who can work remotely are in demand. Whether you’re looking to teach full time or part time, kindergarten or grad school, computer science or shoe tying, you can share your knowledge and talents by teaching online.

Pay can vary widely, depending on what exactly you teach. For example, the median hourly pay is about $15 an hour for an elementary school teacher and $33 an hour for a postsecondary professor, according to PayScale. Outschool, a marketplace for online classes, says its teachers make $30 to $40 an hour, on average.

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